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Vibroacoustic therapy


M.D. Riina Raudsik "pH Balance & Vibroacoustic Therapy" 2009 (book in English)

In this book, an overview is given of the metabolic and energetic disturbances that occur in the tissues and organs of a body that is in a state of chronic tension. It explains how the acidic (low pH) environment that develops in the tissues develops, its destructive effect on tissues, development of physical illness and the Psyche’s part in these processes.Vibroacoustic therapy is introduced by the author as one possible way to relieve stress and compares it to other natural treatments, which help the body achieve balance.



Vibroacoustic therapy in treatment of psychosomatic disorders and depression.



 Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) is treatment with low frequency sounds, 30-60 Hz, combined with backround music (Skille, 1989)
In the process of a therapy session a patient lies on a bed with 6 built-in loudspeakers, wich play a programme from CD which has been specially produced for treatment. At Jyri Health Center I have produced the programmes myself.
In order to understand why various treatments applied to our body help to improve our health I have briefly dicuss the functions of human brain and explain our metabolism and its regulation.
The human brain consists of:
  1. external brain-cerebral cortex
  2. the internal brain-emotional brain
Te external brain controls our:
  • thinking
  • concentration
  • attention
  • concious movements
  • moral behaviour
  • inhibits impulses and instincts of the interior or emotional brain,
whereas the internal or emotional brain,which is very much older in its development (animals also have this brain), is quick to respond to dangerous situations (Servan-Scheiber,2003) and –most importantly-controls the function of all of our body and tissues, from the lacrymal gland of our eye to the bladder (automatically).
S.Freud named the emotional brain the “unconsious”.
 The emotional brain is in control of our organs and tissues, regulating this way our metabolism and taking care of physical health of our body .Similarly to athletes developing over-acidation affecting their metabolism after difficult and prolonged effort of working in oxygen debt,over-acidation takes place in human tissues in the conditions of chornic stress because emotional stress has exactly the same effect on a person as physical, chemical,medicational and other stress (Selye, 1936)
In initial phase chronic stress always expresses itself only through functional changes in the body. An over-acidated body working in oxygen debt continously applies its recourses in order to balance the metabolism. Medical tests do not show any abnormalities and there are no changes in tissues.Such conditions are easy to treat when attention is paid and treatment is started at once:
  • unexplainable tiredness
  • headaches at weekends,which turn into tension headaches within 3-4 years
  • heart palpitation
  • anxiety
  • panic disorders
  • problems with falling asleep and fragmentary sleep
  • dizziness
  • stuttering in children
  • tics in children
  • enuresis in children.
Jyri Health Center now has extensive experience of treatment with VAT. In 16 years we have treated over 3,500 patients. However, since scientific research is not our objective I can present only approximate data:
100% effective treatment without after effects:
  • children with tic syndrome (treatment started 1to 9 months after the occurrence of the symptoms)
  • stutterinf children (treatment started 1-5 months after occurence of the symptoms)
  • sleep disorders
  • cramps in legs.
Medical conditions of 30 to 90 of patients improved as a result of the treatment:
  • adults with sleep disorders
  • tension headaches
  • anxiety and panic diorders
  • numberness of hands and arms
  • fibromyalgic pain (muscular pain caused by psychological reasons)
  • dry eye syndrome, which may be also explained by over-acidation of the eye tissues.
Patients with Parkinson’s disease have reoprted a reduction in tremor already after the first treatment.The treatment does not heal the persone, but improve teh quality of life and is extremely good as a supportive treatment to the end of their life.
Vibroacoustic therapy:
1.mechanically moves our tissues and enlivens the metabolism and acid substances caused by chronic stress are removed more quickly from our tissues.
2.helps us to influnece directly (vibratio) the work of our organs and muscles by influencing the body and over the body our emotional brain at the same time.
3.improves the blood supply in tissues and organs because of it’s vessel-widening influnce (Wigram,1997;Butler,1997,2000), which in turn improves the metabolism and facilities faster oxidation of acid substances by means of improved oxygen levels.
  During the period 1991-2009 about 3040 people were treated in Jüri Health Center. A total 30,000 vibroacoutic sessions were undertaken with:
  • Depression
  • Tick-syndrome (children)
  • Enuresis (children)
  • Stammering (children)
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Muscles’ convulsions
  • Stress-related disorders
  • Tense headaches
  • Migrene (tension headache)
  • and others

Digital low frequency programs are made by Riina Raudsik and Heiki Krusel, by  using the function generator (30-56Hz).

One session lasts 20 minutes.



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